Metal Core Storm


The Metal Core Storm wheels had been designed with a metallic resistant nucleus in radial form.

This wheel model uses a revolutionary PU formula, achieving a smooth wheel and with a good sliding, being able to mount it by any kind of rider no matter what level or category (street / park).

The Storm are available in 100mm diameter.

Technical data

The Metal Core Storm with black rubber uses our exclusive F1 formula, achieving an excellent grip and a spectacular durability. In case of the Storm with transparent rubber we had applied an innovative compound based on the F4 formula, that gives to the rubber a transparency never seen on scooter wheels.

The nucleus of the Metal Core Storm had been made by forge, obtaining a great robustness and a really low weight.

MC Storm 100mm (with bearings): 210g

This wheel includes 2 high quality ABEC9 bearings.


Two models available: transparent rubber and nucleus with star shape in aluminium colour, or black rubber and nucleus with star shape in titanium colour.

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    • durability
    *valuation based on professional scooter's riders opinion

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