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Since our birth in November 2001, the philosophy of our company is based on real principles: specialization, quality, commitment and service, these are the values ​​that reinforce and lead us every day.

At METAL CORE we are proud to achieve the goal that some companies can only dream of, to be able to offer our users the highest level demands in relation to the development of the best technologies applied to the design and production of our wheels. The application of our exclusive R&D technology and the highest level of quality controls, guarantees maximum performance, reliability and durability for METAL CORE users.

METAL CORE has become an international reference and the undisputed leader in the professional sector. We invite you to get to know us better through our website, where you will find all our variety of wheels, technical data, tips, etc. As a METAL CORE user, you will discover the keys to our success, and you will be able to be part of our enthusiasm, with the METAL CORE range of wheels at maximum performance in your favorite sport. Obtaining a great difference compared to other users who do not have METAL CORE wheels


We are aware of the constant evolution of the market and the demands of our users, so we are firmly committed to evolution with the help of our engineers from the Research, Development and Innovation department.

Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our engineers, we have developed important improvements such as the exclusive FTX3 formula that give our wheels great durability and grip.


Metal Core is synonymous with quality. To meet this objective, we work every day to improve our processes and our distribution channels and we apply the most demanding quality controls in the production of our wheels.

Metal Core is distinguished by being the first brand to carry out a multi-level quality control, affecting processes, controls and directives, so that only products that achieve the quality and guarantee of Metal Core will reach our customers.


When we started the Metal Core project, one of our goals was to obtain the highest quality products with the least possible impact on the environment. Today, we meet this objective, and we apply this great responsibility achieved in our production lines.

In addition, the chemical formulas of our wheels meet all the necessary standards so that the environmental impact is almost non-existent.